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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

What is Artificial Intelligence

IPHS offers Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer technology involved with building clever machines able to acting duties that generally require human intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence  is interdisciplinary technological know-how with more than one approach, however, advancements in system  IPHS offers studying and deep gaining knowledge of is growing a paradigm shift in sincerely each region of the tech industry.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Narrow AI: Sometimes referred to as "Weak AI," this form of artificial intelligence operates inside a constrained context and is a simulation of human intelligence. Narrow AI is regularly targeted on acting an unmarried undertaking extraordinarily nicely and even as those machines may

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): IPHS offers AGI, once in a while cited as "Strong AI," is the type of synthetic intelligence we see in the movies, like the robots from West world or Data from Star Trek:  AGI is a system with preferred intelligence and, similar to a human being, it could apply that intelligence to solve any problem.


• Smart assistants (like Siri and Alexa)
• Disease mapping and prediction equipment
• Manufacturing and drone robots
• Optimized, customized healthcare remedy pointers
• Conversational bots for marketing and purchaser service
• Robo-advisors for inventory trading
• Spam filters on email
• Social media monitoring equipment for dangerous content or fake news

Now a day’s Artificial Intelligence is Effect of Surpass Mobile app Development or User Experience

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Benefit of Agile Method For Software Development: Read Now

An Agile methodology is an approach that is used by software developers as a way to focus on the changes in the developing world. With Agile methodology, there is a complete focus on the software development of a project based on the changes that are occurring in technology. The Agile methodology working through the 6 main values that they focus on.
  • Requirement
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Development
  • Review

Types of Agile Methodology

There are two main types of agile methodologies for software developments that can are used in current times:

  • Scrum: Scrum is one of the most popular frameworks that are used in the agile methodology. This framework is characterized by different development stages or different cycles, which are known as sprints. This framework is used for managing the different development projects for various software products. This is a very transparent framework that allows each member of the team to follow the project properly.
  • Kanban: Kanban is a Japanese word that means just in time. This is a systematic framework that has a defined table in which the flow of the production is established. Through this framework, the members of the team would have to maintain clear communication with each other so that they know at which stage of the development they are in.    

Benefits of Agile Methodology in Software and Mobile App Development

There are certain benefits to choosing the agile method for software development and mobile app development. These benefits are as follows:
  • The agile method divides the whole Mobile app development project into smaller sections, which are then treated as individual software development projects. These individual sub-projects are then given to different teams, which makes the development quite fast.
  • Due to the continuous change in the market trends, it has become quite a risk for companies to develop their Android app or iPhone app. Through the agile method, you can calculate the risks that would be faced while launching your app in the market.
  • Due to the more advanced nature of the Agile Methodology, the quality of software development is better than other traditional models.
  • The agile model focuses more on collaboration and people, which means that the team would be working in close contact with the clients. This gives the clients a better experience and connection to the development teams. Also, the client and the development team would have transparency regarding the work.  

Why Choose IPHS for Mobile App Development?

IPHS Technologies is one of the most proficient Software, Mobile App & web development companies in the market and delivered the 500+ projects globally. Their expertise regarding the use of the agile methodology for mobile app development has made them the number one choice for customers. We have a good development team which expertise on the use of the agile methodology for development.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Device Management in Operating System

Device management in the operating system implies the management of the I/O devices such as a keyboard, magnetic tape, disk, printer, microphone, USB ports, scanner, camcorder well as the supporting units like control channels. The basics of I/O devices can fall into 3 categories:
Block device: it stores information in fixed-size block, each one with its own address.Fr example, disks.
Character device: delivers or accepts a stream of characters. The individual characters are not addressable. For example printers, keyboards etc.
Network device: For transmitting data packets.
Device Management in Operating System

The main functions of device management in the operating system

An operating system or the OS manages communication with the devices through their respective drivers. The operating system component provides a uniform interface to access devices of varied physical attributes. For device management in an operating system:
  • Keep tracks of all devices and the program which is responsible to perform this is called I/O controller.
  • Monitoring the status of each device such as storage drivers, printers and other peripheral devices.
  • Enforcing preset policies and taking a decision which process gets the device when and for how long.
  • Allocates and Deallocates the device in an efficient way.De-allocating them at two levels: at the process level when I/O command has been executed and the device is temporarily released, and at the job level, when the job is finished and the device is permanently released.
  • Optimizes the performance of individual devices.

Types of devices

The OS peripheral devices can be categorized into 3: Dedicated, Shared, and Virtual. The differences among them are the functions of the characteristics of the devices as well as how they are managed by the Device Manager.

Dedicated devices:-

Such type of devices in the device management in operating system are dedicated or assigned to only one job at a time until that job releases them. Devices like printers, tape drivers, plotters etc. demand such allocation scheme since it would be awkward if several users share them at the same point of time. The disadvantages of such kind f devices s the inefficiency resulting from the allocation of the device to a single user for the entire duration of job execution even though the device is not put to use 100% of the time.

Shared devices:-

These devices can be allocated o several processes. Disk-DASD can be shared among several processes at the same time by interleaving their requests. The interleaving is carefully controlled by the Device Manager and all issues must be resolved on the basis of predetermined policies.

Virtual Devices:-

These devices are the combination of the first two types and they are dedicated devices which are transformed into shared devices. For example, a printer converted into a shareable device via spooling program which re-routes all the print requests to a disk. A print job is not sent straight to the printer, instead, it goes to the disk(spool)until it is fully prepared with all the necessary sequences and formatting, then it goes to the printers. This technique can transform one printer into several virtual printers which leads to better performance and use.
What is Device Management in Operating System

Ways to access a device in device management in operating system


In this, a CPU continuously checks the device status for exchanging data. The plus point is that it is simple and the negative point is  – Busy-waiting.

Interrupt-driven I/Os:-

A device controller notifies the corresponding device driver about the availability of the device. The advantages can be a more efficient use of CPU cycles and the drawbacks can be data copying and movements and slow for character devices-one interrupt per keyboard input.
A device driver is an operating system component which is responsible for the hiding f complexity of an I/O device so that the OS can access various devices in a uniform manner.

A device controller performs conversion between serial bit stream and a block of bytes, do error correction if necessary and has 2 main components; a device registers to communicate with the CPU and a Data buffer that an OS can read or write.

Direct memory access (DMA):-

To perform data movements additional controller bought into use. The benefit of such a method is that CPU is not involved in copying data but a con is that a process cannot access in-transit data.

Double buffering:

This methodology access advice makes use of two buffers so that while one is being used, the other is being filled. Such a way is quite popular in graphics and animation so that the viewer does not see the line-by-line scanning.

Two hard-disks configurations in device management in an operating system

Mobile-head magnetic disk storage:-

Both the reading/writing head moves and the disk spins. It is usually formatted on both sides and data is recorded on tracks. Typically there is more than one disk(platter), and they are arranged in a stack on a common spindle and have Read/Write heads n both sides. All of the heads move in unison.

Flexible-head magnetic disk storage:-

Its very fast when compared to its mobile counterpart but it is expensive to the manufacture and has less storage space as the tracks have to be positioned farther apart. They are often used in aircraft or space applications where speed is an important factor.
device management in os

Optical disk storage in device management in operating system

Data can be stored optically than magnetically due to advances in laser technology, for example, CDs and DVDs. Optical disks are usually single continuous spiral track and not tracks as a series of concentric circles. Magnetic disks spin at a constant speed so the tracks on other outer rings of magnetic disks have to have larger sectors and those tracks nearer the center have small tracks. On the other hand, optical disks can change the speed to reading, so the sector size is the same in the outside or inside.
A high-intensity laser bean burns indentations in the disk to write to an optical disk. These burned areas are called pits( represents 0’s) and the unburned flat areas are called lands (represents 1’s).
The 3 important performance measures in optical disk storage are data transfer rate(measures the amount of data that can be read from the disk, unit is megabytes per second-MB/s), average access time (measures how long it takes to move the disk head to a specific place on the disk, unit is milliseconds-ms), and cache size(it saves the data to be re-read again by the user and is measured n kilobytes-KB).

Components of an I/O system

The CPU makes a lot of I/O requests and the I/O channels work to coordinate the devices to synchronize the fast speed of the CPU with the slower speeds of the I/O devices. The I/O control units are attached to several similar devices and control these devices based on instructions from the channel.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Benefits of Creating a Custom Mobile App for your Business

The mobile application is a great explosion for businesses to showcase their products and services in a more organized and interactive manner. The custom mobile app multitude the business customers and doubles the business profit.
When businesses choose the mobile app for your business then they not only able to add more customers for engagement even sometime they will get the outcomes which are out of the box. The mobile users always wanted to explore some unique stuff in their mobile phone and if you will be able to stand out on their expectations then no one can stop you break the records.
custom mobile app
Having a custom mobile app of your business is good, but don’t you think some customized features or options will make your app users day. Adding some amazing options will make users more engaged & they get a seamless experience with your products and services.

Let us discuss the benefits of having a Custom Mobile App for your Business:

  • Users can take a smart purchase decision:

The mobile app for your business helps the user to find the best products or gadgets of their choices to ensures that they are buying a good product at a cost-effective price. And also the primary reason for the fast growth of the e-commerce industry.
If you have a custom application of your business services then you can provide the options as per your user’s mindset or for facilities of finding the best using filter option.
  • Establish a good brand reputation:

The customize applications plays the vital role for businesses and help the businesses to create the good brand reputation among the customers and also you will be able to recognized by your business name and what is more than this.
The actual fact is mobile applications explore your business ideas in a more innovative manner and the apps are more user-centric, productive and engaging for the users. And if you have any doubt then you can see the big e-commerce brands Amazon, Flipkart etc, they achieve the big platforms by using the unique concept of mobile applications and now they are ruling in the e-commerce world.
  • Boost loyalty of your customers:

Shifting the business promotion ways from traditional to new ways will give your business more benefits. And one of the most promising ways of representing businesses is building customer-centric mobile applications with easy access.
The mobile apps boost the customer’s loyalty and make them delight of your business. You can establish a true connection with the customers by using applications.
  • Customize mobile App easily integrated with the software:

The custom mobile app for your business has the option of integration with the software of the company which beneficial for the companies. The customized apps build on the mobile application development applications (MADP) making the platform easy for the customer relationship management.
If you choose third-party apps for business promotion then you can not use it for integration with your software.
  • Challenge your competitors with full preparation:

As we know that in the marketplace such as e-commerce businesses, products and services all have high competition and for beating their level you need to be prepared with all your marketing advanced weapons. And the mobile apps work primary weapon to beat the rivals in the market.
Customize mobile app provide your business with a total new impetus and dimensions and this will throw a big challenge for your competitors.
mobile app for your business
  • Track your customers 24×7:

Using the mobile app for your business can give you the track of your customers and help the businesses to connect with their customers to make sure that your business users can get help from your side anytime they need which builds the trust on the users.
  • Improve employees efficiency and productivity:

A result of having the custom mobile app improves the employee’s efficiency and business products and services produced. The mobile app for your business help the companies to accomplish the business goals and make the business most recognized brand among the market.
You can provide real-time chatting options to your customers to connect with them when they have any doubt about your service and product.


Using a mobile app for your business provide you the best way to connect with the users and ensures that you are doing good in the market or not. You can analyze your customer’s reviews and point-of-views using mobile apps to improve it for the better. There are more and more benefits of using custom mobile app reflecting in this Era. You can check the stats of the previously used mobile applications and ensures that using it for businesses are beneficial.

So, what are you guys waiting to develop your business mobile app now and ready to rule on the top of your business niche industry? Challenge your big competitors with full preparation and technology trends.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Best Mobile App Development Team

Avail world-class services from Best Mobile App Development in India. IPHS Technology offers ones of the Best Mobile App Development Services to small and big entrepreneurs. They cover every aspect of the business ranging from inventory to finance. Although built for the small gadget, the applications are equipped with numerous functionalities.
IPHS Technologies deploys its top mobile app developers to resolve the problems of the clients. No matter how complex the problem is, the technical team is always on the move probing, researching and finding the best solution. Prior to starting development, software experts collaborate with the clients to understand the requirements in detail. By adopting the prototyping model, we have to minimize reduced the latency time and increased the speed of the application development.

Why We Are Best App Development Company

IPHS Technologies believes in seamless communication with the customers and incorporates the milestones in the project. The company has top class certification and adorns the mantle of Best Mobile App Development in India and USA. It has created hundreds of applications right from the content based management systems to complex gaming software. After launching the application in the market, our team also works diligently to introduce further enhancements depending on the client’s specifications.
IPHS believes in continuous innovation and devises products that are compatible with diverse platforms right from Android to Apple. They are robust and secured from complex web-based attacks. Apart from delivering cutting edge solutions, our Mobile App Development Services ensure that all concerns of the clients are addressed instantly and promptly. Top mobile app developers associated with us are proficient in working with proprietary and open platforms with equal ease.
We have cut our teeth in working with a plethora of databases and align their capabilities with the business goals of the clients. By following the best practices of application development, developers rectify all the errors that might crop up during the process completion. Our Mobile App Development Services are second to none both in terms of quality and affordability. During the development procedure, we monitor each stage along with the clients and include feedbacks if any. Operating within strict timelines, the developers ensure that you are always ahead of the competition.
IPHS is credited as Top Mobile App Development Companies in India & United State with a team of Top Mobile App Developers who are not only fulfilling the requirements of the clients but also walking the extra mile to exceed their expectations. Our team understands that each business is different; therefore the applications are tailor-made and work with a diverse range of data.
Apart from churning out the system, IPHS team is always on the standby to monitor bugs that might creep into the application. Prompt response is our forte and that is why we have a long list of established clientele. We are offering best app development services and web development services, connect with us for more information.